our approach

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see. 

Alexandra K Trenfor


At Kinection Life Coaching our philosophy is to coach based on our client’s agenda. Through focused listening, intuition, awareness and emotional intelligence, we create a safe, caring, trusting and non-judgemental space. Kinection Life Coaching is for Teens, Adults and Families.

Research indicates the present generation of kids and teens requires more emotional support than the last. Educational and recreational programs, as well as families, recognize that kids  are more angry and unruly, more lonely and depressed, more impulsive and aggressive, more stressed and nervous.   Results of current research and a survey by the International Coaching Federation show that people who have a coach show:    

  • increased self-awareness
  • higher academic success
  • increased sense of belonging and achievement
  • enhanced ability to take on leadership roles
  • increased confidence in every relationship of their life
  • lowered stress levels

Increased self-awareness can result from examining your emotions, behaviours, values and purpose in life.  Higher self-awareness helps you to make decisions and take action. One of the foundational requirements of Emotional Intelligence and a strong component in academic success, is high self-awareness.  No other coaching technique in the world provides such a strong focus for interacting and working with individuals and small groups.   Our coaching focuses on helping to develop the whole person, providing clients with the tools and knowledge that will guide them to become more productive and fulfilled in their life.  

Location - Aurora

Coaching also available via  Skype or FaceTime