I am Rhona Smith — Life Coach, Kindness Advocate, Mom, Wife, Business Woman, Sister and Friend!

    I have been a Life Coach since graduating Choice Center Leadership University (www.choicecenter.com). And, having graduated through Kids Coaching Connection (www.magnificentcreations.com), I am now fulfilling my Dharma (passion) as a Life Coach working with Teens, Adults & Families. My journey as a Life Coach has involved many hours of training and practice over the last several years. Learning through Experiential training at Choice Center and Kids Coaching Connection, my ongoing education as a Life Coach continues through mentorship, practice and intensive weekend workshops, including:   

 Renewal – starting a new year with intention, kindness and love §

 Goddess Retreat – creating deeper relationship with yourself and other women § 

Abundance & Prosperity – bringing richness and abundance to every area of your life §

 Relationships – creating deeper understanding and connection in relationships with everyone in your life, including yourself, by finding your balance between Feminine Grace and Masculine Power.

As well as these workshops, I continue to grow and learn through    

lectures, reading and my clients. 

As a Kindness Coach, I have also supported my good friend Steffi Black of Spread the Kindness (www.spreadthekindness.com) in delivering Kindness Workshops to Ontario elementary schools.    Having been told many times that I am a giving, caring and kind person, who loves to help others, my profession as a Life Coach allows me to be this and more for my clients, community, and every relationship I create.   I am honoured and grateful to have the skills and experience needed to serve my clients and create a Caring and Lionhearted space where they can discover their true potential.  

 I AM - Rhona Smith


I AM….the two most powerful words in the world, because whatever we put  after them becomes our reality (Susan Howson)