Legitimate Testimonials

I am honoured to share with you a text I received from the mom of my youngest client:

"I was just telling her what a long way she's come.  Her confidence today was incredible and she said "It's because of Rhona".  I owe you so much".


I’ve been working with Rhona for the last few months and in this short time, I have already begun to notice such a positive difference in myself. Rhona truly creates a safe space for her clients where there is absolutely no judgement. Her encouragement and thoughtfulness, not only in our sessions but through texts and emails in between, have made me feel reassured and constantly supported. Rhona motivates me to try and be the best version of myself whether that is by edging me a little out of my comfort zone or reminding me that I'm stronger than I may think. I cannot thank her enough for my experience thus far and I am so looking forward to continuing this journey with her!